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Bedspreads – Quilted / Non-quilted

We make all types of bedspreads like Quilted, Non-quilted, throwovers with reverse sham, long top bedspreads with fitted corners. The exquisite designs on the bedspreads are sure to turn the heads.

Mattress protectors/Joiners

Every bed in every home really does need a mattress protector, you might suffer from a dust mite allergy, you may have a continence issue maybe you just want to keep your mattress clean and free from marks and stains. Whatever your requirement you can find it here.

A mattress protector is an item of removable bedding that sits on top of or encases a mattress to provide protection to the mattress. Some mattress protectors also provide protection to the individual sleeping on the mattress from allergens and irritants such as dust mites, bed bugs, mold, and dead skin (like dandruff).

Although a mattress can be vacuumed, it is very difficult to clean one thoroughly once it has become marked. An unprotected mattress can become marked or stained quite quickly as natural perspiration produced throughout the night passes through the standard sheet and creates a telltale yellowish brown tidemark where it has been absorbed into the upper surface of the mattress. Mattresses are also susceptible to many other contaminants.

A mattress protector should be used if the individual is known to be susceptible to allergies. A typical mattress can be home to millions of tiny dust mites. These creatures produce waste products that can irritate the lining of the airways and lungs and particularly with children can bring on allergic reactions, asthma and can irritate skin conditions such as eczema.

Not all mattress protectors are waterproof, some are designed to provide 'wear and tear' protection for the mattress and are available in the form of a lightly quilted fitted sheet. These will only provide minimal protection against liquids and little or no protection from dust mites. Waterproof and breathable mattress protects can provide protection against many allergens, however, as well as keeping the mattress clean by securing it from absorbing body excretions (such as sweat) or other liquids resulting from spills.

Duvets / Duvet covers

A duvet (pronounced /duːveɪ/, from the French duvet /dyvɛ/ "down") is a type of bedding— a soft flat bag traditionally filled with down or feathers, or a combination of both and used on a bed as a blanket. Duvets originated in rural Europe and were made from the down feathers of the Eider duck, known for its usefulness as an insulator.

Duvets are still commonly used in Europe (especially in northern Europe and Scandinavia where it is the most common form of bed covering), and have become popular throughout the world in the late twentieth century; for example, in Canada.

Duvets reduce the complexity of making a bed, as it is a single covering instead of the combination of sheets, blankets, and quilts or other bed covers, which is traditional in many parts of the world. The cover is called a "duvet cover" or a "quilt cover".

Nowadays, a duvet is sometimes filled with silk, wool, or artificial fibers (such as polyester batting or other artificial material). It is sometimes confused with a comforter, although comforters go on top of the traditional sheets and blankets and are primarily decorative while duvets are used alone.

A DUVET cover is just a fancy name for a comforter cover. It is essential to cover and protect your down comforter with one. Another great reason to buy a duvet cover is to use it over your regular comforter. It's a quick, easy way to redecorate your room. Duvets are not big and bulky so they can be easily stored (unlike your comforter). You can also use your duvet cover alone in the summer for a lighter feel and use it to cover your comforter or blanket during the colder months. Duvets come in different styles, colors and patterns and are a snap to use. If you want change, but not the hassle, this is right up your alley. The possibilities are endless.


Experiments in terms of design, color combinations, blending of fabrics and other materials make our Bedsheets unique in many aspects. You will find a harmonious co-existence of modern, contemporary and ethnic in our collection.

Available in all fabrics like Cotton, Polyester, Prints, Floral, Stripes, Checks with different Thread Counts.

Available in kinds of Bedsheets, Fitted Sheets, Bedsheet Sets & Bed spread.

Pillows / cushions

A range of our exclusive Cushion Covers is sure to match all your requirements.

Our collection consists of cushion covers in various colors, styles, designs and sizes (12"x12", 14"x14", 16"x16",24"x24" etc.). Our cushion covers are sure to create a long lasting impression on your home decor. Our Cushion Covers are available in Georgette, Silk, Tissue, Dupion (Raw Silk), Chiffon, Satin, Taffeta, Cotton, Velvet, and Polyester etc.

Cushion Covers

We specialize in creating stylish and unique curtain designs. If you're looking for something different then look no further. The flawless quality of our curtains makes them a distinct item. Reflecting an craftsmen's zest for perfection, our curtains are stylish and most attractive. Beautiful patterns are arranged on curtains to create a clean and eye-catching design.

These curtains are available in sheer, tissue, organza, silk, laces, polyester, cotton, checks, floral & stripes.

Chair Covers / Bows

We manufacture a variety of banquet chair covers, chair signs and chair caps in different fabrics and colors for various chair styles and sizes. Our chair covers are very high quality, at reasonable prices, making them an excellent investment and provide a solid return for party planners who need long-lasting chair covers for world-class events! We also manufacture matching bows or sashes, tablecloths, napkins and table runners.